Mind-Spirit Matters

Helping you free yourself of unhelpful beliefs stored deep in your mind!

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Changing your mind can change everything!

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Hi! I'm Stephanie Padilla

I have been a healer and teacher for over 20 years. It has been my greatest joy in life to share the vast benefits of being free of the false beliefs of the ego mind!

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What I Offer

I use various techniques to support you in removing both conscious and subconscious beliefs that cause you to struggle and suffer.

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Reiki healer doing holistic treatment to young woman. Energy Chakra balancing

Energy Work

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Belief-Shifting is my own unique method of accessing beliefs buried deep in the sub-conscious mind. Beliefs you adopted early in life that you do not realize you have. Beliefs that are powerfully operating to affect how you perceive life, the emotions that you feel and the decisions that you make. My technique allows you to quickly access these beliefs and let them go within one session.

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Therapist Performing Reiki Healing Treatment On Woman

Energy Work

Sometimes a belief is buried so deep or was stored before you developed language. The best way to access these beliefs is through a purely energetic connection.

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Awareness Training

Beliefs operate so quickly and automatically that we rarely even notice how they are affecting and directing our lives. I teach you ways to become aware of these beliefs so that you have the opportunity to consider if it is a belief that truly serves you.

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Love Stories

"I found myself viewing the world differently in some sense. That knee-jerk anxiety response that used to arise with great regularity now quite often seems like just an odd little story I’m telling myself, one with no real 'there there'."

Marc - Retired Real Estate & Financial Professional

"There was a “whoosh” – really, that’s how it felt – as the belief broke apart. I cried as it broke open and shattered. How free I felt! It was a HUGE relief! Afterward I was able to stay connected to LIFE and to my higher wisdom."

Leslie - Grants Program Coordinator

"Over the years, I have become aware of my many blocks in my life, but I have learned to just accept them as part of who I am. Within weeks, I began to notice all sorts of changes, challenges that I have come to accept in my life…faded into real ease."

Kurt - Acupuncturist

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Let's work together to set you free!


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