Belief-Shifting is the basis of all the work that Stephanie does. It is a unique form of healing that came through to Stephanie from her Divine guidance. Belief-Shifting is a healing method that facilitates the release of conscious and sub-conscious activities of the mind that originate from a perspective of an individual ‘self’, where the ‘self’ is separate from the wholeness of Life. Belief-Shifting assists you in releasing false thoughts and beliefs that are creating suffering in your experience of life.

Stephanie is in the process of teaching others to do Belief-Shifting work and has created a separate website dedicated to Belief-Shifting. To learn even more about this method of healing you can visit

Energy Work

One of the techniques that Stephanie may use to help clear a blockage in a person's energy field is to work directly with the client's energy. Stephanie has learned how beliefs of the mind and the energy system of the body interact with one another. There are times when the energy system needs assistance in removing a block that was created by holding a false belief.

Chakra Balancing

Once false thoughts or beliefs are released, this can sometimes create an imbalance in the chakra system. The chakra's are major energy systems within the body. The chakra system determines how all the different parts of a person's life and experience work together and relate to each other. When one part of the system is blocked or not working well, other parts have to make adjustments. Healing one part of the system often affects other parts of the system. It is like unclogging one part of a drainage system only to discover another clog down the line that now has more pressure on it. Chakra balancing assists in finding a good balance to help the system effectively work together as more and more blocks are removed.


Toning is type of energy healing where Stephanie vocalizes specific tones. These tones go directly to areas in the energy system that need this quality of energy. Clients often feel the energy working within their physical body. Clients have found toning work to be calming, relaxing and energizing. The tones are beautiful to the ear and healing to the body and spirit. You may request a toning session specifically, but Stephanie generally listens for guidance for when to use this technique.

Spiritual Connection

Stephanie will work with you on establishing your connection with your own Divine guidance. Stephanie believes that her role is one of guidance and support but believes people are best served when they can stand within their own spiritual truth and power. She wants to show you that healing is always accessible to you and that you are not dependent on her for help. She wants to share with you what she has learned, but equip you with all you need to be free.